The bin lifter comprises of a frame on support legs, a lifting frame and a bin adapter for lifting MGBs of all sizes into the compactor. The bin lifting frame also include a guide acting as a spillage shield.

The bin lifter is an integrated unit on wheels, and can be moved from the compactor and transported to other disposal site. It can be fitted to either side or front of the hopper and can be fastened with a twist lock handle, operated before use. The double-acting bin lift cylinder is connected to the compactor hydraulic system by two non-exchangeable quick-connect couplings, or by power packs supplied as option.

The bin lift can be used for all types of MGB from 120 to 1100 liters plastics and steel bins. The wheeled bins are pushed manually into the bin lifting frame and are locked by a comb lifting action on the frame. The bin lift hydraulic cylinder lifts and tips the refuse on the compactor and is controlled by pushing the “Up and Down” buttons.

The main types of binlifer

Space saver model – 120L & 240L wall mounted

Classic model – SLS-660-HDB detachable type

Integrated model – SLS-660-FLT front or side mounted onto compactor