SLS stands for quality: for products and service! Of course, the service is very different for the wide variety of products we provide, but it is always at the very highest level. So that every customer always feels well looked after. Best marks for customer satisfaction worldwide proves that the highest requirements at HSM Service also reaches our customers. Try us out.

 Buying and selling second hand waste equipment under SLS or others.
 Rental waste equipment under contract for recycles company or others.
 Repair and servicing waste equipment under contract with our equipment or others.
 To supply and modification of electrical and hydraulic systems for our equipment or others.
 To supply and installation of equipment in Bin Centre.
 To provide team for outside repair and servicing of equipment in Bin Centre.
 To provide transport and deliver of equipment (Chargeable).
 To provide customer company name address in our website (One stop service).
 Supply material (steel plate) cutting, bending rolling and welding.
 Loading and Unloading equipment from container.
 Leakage Test & Certificate, Repair And Service.